Give Your Pet a Better Life with Spay and Neuter Surgery

Does your pet need to be spayed or neutered? The short answer is ‘yes!’ Pets who undergo a spay and neuter surgery are not only better off themselves, but they contribute to a healthier pet community too. Pet overpopulation is a serious concern, with more animals entering shelters than there is room to hold them. Sadly, far too many face euthanasia. At Evergreen Veterinary Clinic in San Jose, we focus on performing a timely spay or neuter surgery so your pet profits from the most benefits. Call us at (408) 238-0690 to schedule your pet's procedure today.

What Your Pet Gains with Surgery

Spay and neuter surgeries cause a change in your pet’s physical and behavioral make-up. Without so many hormones urging them to mate, they often become calmer, more attentive to you, and avoid many serious medical ailments associated with their reproductive systems. Simply put, spay and neuter surgeries help them live a longer, healthier life with you. You can expect the following benefits from sterilization:

Female Pets

  • No longer suffer through heat cycles which cause frustration in both cats and dogs, and messy bleeding in dogs as well
  • Have a reduced urge to roam and find a mate
  • Will be less inclined towards urine marking behavior
  • Escape the risk of pyometra, a serious uterine infection
  • Are less likely to develop mammary gland tumors
  • Avoid any chance of ovarian or uterine cancers

Male Pets

  • Are less aggressive
  • Have a reduced urge to roam and find a mate
  • Will be less inclined towards urine marking behavior
  • Escape the risk of testicular cancer
  • Are less likely to develop perianal tumors
  • Avoid serious prostate problems
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The Benefits of a Timely Surgery

The standard timeline for spay and neuter surgeries is typically at around 6 months old. However, sometimes an earlier or later surgery can benefit your pet more. Puppies and kittens as young as eight weeks old can be safely sterilized. Typically, an earlier surgery may benefit some females since performing the procedure before their first heat cycle has added medical benefits. In contrast, larger breed dogs will benefit from a later surgery at about 1 year of age. In short, every pet is different, so call us at (408) 238-0690 to talk about your pet’s options!