Meet Our Support Staff

The dedicated support staff of Evergreen Veterinary Clinic works to bring exceptional care to every pet and their parent who walks through our doors. Each of us brings unique talents and skills to the clinic, and that helps us all work as a team to better serve you and your pets. Meet our superstar support staff below or stop in and see us in action yourself!

Hospital Manager

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My love of animals started at a very young age. My first dog at three years old was a Collie named Sammy. I was in charge of brushing her. Believe me, that is dedication and love!

Fast forward to 1983 with 4 years of veterinary experience learning on the job from kennel work up the world of veterinary care, I was hired as a technician at Evergreen Veterinary Clinic. There was only one other employee, Leslie, our receptionist. The hospital was only half built out. All our client files were in cardboard boxes and the one phone was in the closet! It was fun being part of a brand new practice. Every few days we would get a call from a nice guy who was painting and putting up shelves and cabinets during the evenings asking for our input. That guy, Ted, and I were married within six months. We are still happily married.

I am now the practice manager of this wonderful hospital. Every day, I still learn something new. My joys in life are gardening, cooking and horseback riding. Ted and I love and take pride in growing our own food, vegetables, and meat. At this time we have two horses, Malarkey and Penny, two cows Glitz and Easter and their calves, five sheep, a goat, Iris, 21 chickens, thirteen koi fish, a Caique parrot, Petey, and three parakeets, three kitties, Bracquemond, Morisot, and Cassatt, and last but not least, Sonrisa, the French bulldog and Sassenach, the English setter.

Front Office Staff

Tina, Co-Manager

I was born and raised in Monterey, CA and lived in Chico, CA for about five years after graduating from high school. I then moved to San Jose in 1999 when I joined the EVC support staff after previously working at a veterinary clinic in Carmel Valley for about a year. My love of animals came from growing up with cats in our family: we had two that both lived to about 21 years old.

My husband is a teacher and football coach at a local high school and we have two children, a son who is 13 and a daughter who is 10. We recently adopted our first dog (who we have named Kylo Ren)  from the local animal shelter. He is an adorable dachshund mix that has been the best addition to our family! I am a proud Soccer and Gymnastics Mom who enjoys sports, being outdoors, movies, and reading.


Melissa S., Co-Manager

I was born and raised in San Jose in the Evergreen area. I joined the EVC support staff in 1994 after my mom, a long-term client, told me they were hiring. I've grown up around animals all of my life, and my parents have been clients of Evergreen since 1983. When I was in my early teens, I can remember when Dr. Amaro saved my dog's life. After spending three or four days in the hospital, she came home feeling much better and went on to live to be sixteen years old.  After 24 years, I'm now the front office co-manager.

I have three cats named Kitana (7 years), Kenji (2 years), and Maui (age unknown). Kitana, like me, prefers to be alone most of the time, and she enjoys taking long walks outside! Kenji is young, energetic, and loves to play with his feather toy. Maui was a stray cat that I started feeding three years ago, and she would follow me home and sleep on my porch. And now she's part of the family!


I was born and raised in San Jose in the Evergreen area. I attended an all girl's high school, and found this job with EVC's support staff during my first semester of college, in 2001. I'm now a senior receptionist. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my adorable niece and nephew. I have two cats named Hansel and Grimm. Grimm has more of an attitude while Hansel is a sweet, loving little boy!



Alexis joined Evergreen Veterinary Clinic's support staff in 2017 as a receptionist. As a child, she found her love for animals when helping at her grandparent’s farm almost every weekend. Her search for knowledge and experience to fuel her schooling and future veterinary career led her to Evergreen.

She graduated high school in 2014, and that year moved out of state and began her Animal Science education at Oregon State University. Although she loved the rain, she decided to return home to California where she currently attends Foothill College in Los Altos, studying to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.

When she’s not working or at school, she enjoys finding fun activities to do and new things to explore in the area with friends and family; usually hiking or spending time at the beach. Monterey and Santa Cruz are two of her favorite places.

Alexis lives with her family - her parents and her two younger siblings. She has two dogs, both are Shih Tzus, Malibu and Wasabi. She is also an exotic pet mom to a chinchilla, Chili Pepper, and a rabbit, Zelda.


I was born and raised in San Jose and have been with EVC's support staff for five years. What brought me here was my love for animals. I have always had pets while growing up and now, I have two cats (Cleo and Sully) and one dog (Spot) of my own. They are the loves of my life! I'm currently in college studying Kinesiology to pursue a career in teaching physical education to high school students. When I'm not at work or studying, I love staying active (hikes, working out), but I also love staying home with my fur babies and catching up on my Netflix Queue, too!



Melissa V., Technician Manager

In 1993, Melissa V. was hired at Evergreen Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary assistant. Melissa worked her way up from assistant to technician and then to her current position as Veterinary Technician Manager. Melissa considers Evergreen and the people who work there as her second family.

Melissa is a native of San Jose and still lives on the family property in the East Foothills. She is married with two human kids, Jack and Lily. Her 'four-legged' kids consist of a rescue dog, Daisy, adopted from Nike Animal Rescue Foundation and too many bottle-fed cats to mention!

Melissa likes to spend her time working in the garden, cooking, and being with her family.



At EVC, I work as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). I am a 6th generation California cattle rancher and was born and raised in Santa Clara County. I started working as a veterinary assistant and completed Foothill College's Veterinary Technician Program in 2005. In 2006, I passed the state and national boards to become an RVT.

Beyond my duties as an RVT, I also work with the support staff to maintain a clean and safe hospital and oversee the clinic's OSHA program. I enjoy my work because I love helping animals to be their best, whether that means aiding in the healing process, working to modify bad behaviors, training them to do new things, or helping them in other ways to grow and become better companions to their humans.

The majority of my family also works with animals, too: as cattle ranchers, raising beef and dairy cows, and my sister is in school to become a vet tech, too! My significant other is the only one whose career is not animal-centric; he is a mechanical engineer. However, we do have a lot of pets between the two of us, so animals are still an important part of his life!

We have:

-Piper the border collie, adopted from Nike Animal Rescue Foundation (NARF). She is full of energy and loves running agility with me. She hates the squirrel that runs along the power lines over the back-yard.

-Paris and Speedy, the chihuahuas. Paris is queen of all she sees and demands food. Speedy prefers to face the world by snuggling under a blanket with me.

-Nabokov is the bestest cat ever. He might also think he is a dog.

-Tyler is the old barn cat who runs the show. All other cats must bow and leave offerings.

-Pavelski, Kane, and Dasha are the other 3 cats who are fairly typical. They spend their days plotting the demise of humanity and arguing over who gets to nap in the sunbeams.

-Paula is a 26-year-old thoroughbred mare. She is spoiled rotten and wouldn't have it any other way.

-Natasha (Nat) is a 1-year-old Iberian warmblood. She is Paula's filly and exactly like her mother, only more accident prone.

-Honey is a Guernsey cow who thinks she is a person. She loves attention. And treats.

-Noel is a 23-year-old miniature horse who is glad she is not a person. She will tolerate your presence if it means food is involved.

When I am not at the clinic, you could find me doing a variety of things! I am very active in the local community as part of the Santa Clara County Cattlewomen's Association and a 4H leader with my mom leading Horse, Dogs, Dairy Cattle and Beef projects. Additionally, I am an avid runner and just recently finished the Big Sur 21 miler. I am currently training for my first marathon, the California International Marathon, followed by the Big Sur marathon in April 2019. Training horses is also a passion and I am starting groundwork with Nat with the intention to compete in Hunter/Jumper shows with her. Much of my spare time also is devoted to the multiple breeding herds of dairy and beef cows my family runs.

When I can find the time (and a good deal on tickets), I love to travel and in the past few years have been able to visit Germany, Ireland, Prague, Istanbul, Rarotonga and Montreal. I also enjoy reading, knitting/crochet, and learning how to sew.

Jessica "JJ"

My Name is Jessica, but I am more commonly known as JJ around the clinic. I joined the EVC support staff in 2001 when I was 16 years old. I grew up in the small town of Burton, Ohio, but moved here when I was 15. I have always had a love for animals and being an only child meant my mom always let me have pets from hamsters to horses. My best friends when I was little were a big 18 lb black cat named Biafra and an American Eskimo Dog named Beulah.

After I moved to California in 2000, I soon found my job as a veterinary assistant here at Evergreen. While working at Evergreen, I realized that veterinary technology is what I wanted to learn. I was learning a lot on the job, and also started taking online classes through Cedar Valley College in Texas. In 2009, I passed my California State Boards and have been working as an RVT ever since.

In particular, I have developed a strong love for the German Shepherd breed and in my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my German Shepherd Haily. We do all kinds of fun activities from hiking to dock diving, to agility and spending time with our friends of the German Shepherds of the Bay Area Meetup group.



I was born in San Jose and have lived here most of my life. I live in the house I grew up in (originally owned by my grandparents) with my parents, brother, and husband. However, I also lived in Washington State for a few years in the north Puget Sound region.

I became a Registered Veterinary Technician because I enjoy working with animals. I grew up with a plethora of pets ( cats, dogs, rodents, rabbits, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, crustaceans) and have always had animals in my life, so it felt natural to want to work with them. After working as a veterinary assistant for a couple of years, I went to Western Career College for my AS in Animal Science and to get my veterinary technician license which I received in 2005. My responsibilities in my role now are varied, but I always enjoy dental cleanings the most: it is so satisfying to make a dirty mouth look shiny and new!

I have been married since 2006 and my husband, David, is a cat lover (he loves dogs too, but cats are his favorite) and he repairs mobile devices. We have no human children but are happy being parents to our pets and being an aunt and uncle to my two nieces.

My pets include:

Lola - a 12-year-old tiny (4 & 1/2 pound) Pomeranian rescue. Her old owners could no longer afford to diagnose and treat her mysterious illness. It turned out to be an autoimmune disorder and she is now happy and healthy.

Sally - a 13-year-old mixed breed. She is a NARF adoptee that was found wandering the streets pregnant and homeless. All her puppies were adopted out through NARF as well.

Frostbite - a 10-year-old frost point Siamese mix. She was found under a tool shed during the first snow storm of the season - hence her name. She was a whopping 1/2 pound and about a month old. I would carry her around in my scrub top at work to keep her warm.

Roxanne - a 5-year-old seal point Siamese. She came from a feral cat colony near my sister's and was too beautiful to put back out. While she was at first skittish, once she realized she liked being petted, she tamed right up. She is now queen of the house and is far from shy.

Spacey Sprocket - a 2-year-old grey tabby. He came to Evergreen as a 2-month-old kitten in distress. He has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a brain disorder which affects his coordination, depth perception, and movement. Luckily his case is not severe; he can get around and into things/trouble without too much difficulty! He is my little space cadet.

Marigold - a 6-year-old Buff Orpington chicken. She was originally my sister’s, but we took her in after a pack of five raccoons broke into her enclosure (they removed the gate from the hinges). She now happily roams our backyard looking for bugs to eat and staring at us through the glass door until one of us breaks down and gives her treats. Pineapples and pecans are her favorites.

Walnut - a box turtle that was found in someone’s garden. She had been attacked by an animal that damaged her shell and caused her front legs to stop working. Her neck and back legs still function, so she can observe the goings-on of the world and scoot around. She likes to swim because she can kick around with her back feet.

Besides working with animals and spoiling my own critters, I like crafting and am teaching myself jewelry-making with polymer clay, beads, and wire work. I’m also learning to sew. Being creative and working with my hands is always gratifying. I get my inspiration from nature, biology, the ocean, and space. The world is a fascinating place.


Ragina's story with EVC started with a leap of faith when she applied at the age of 16. Persistently, she called each day to see if the spot has been filled. She started the summer of 2003 as a technician assistant.

As a young girl growing up in San Jose she had found her love for animals early. With pets ranging from cats to dogs and a small lizard named Bobbette, her enthusiasm for the care of those pets was her main concern. Her parents were clients at EVC and took her cat Precious (a DLH) to get spayed, but Precious got neutered instead! This lead to her interest in the veterinary field.

Juggling high school, night school, and a weekend job was no easy task. Yet growing up with a passion to nurture those in need helped her become a better assistant, and eventually a great tech. She even came in on her days off to learn the skills and procedures needed to do a great job with every patient.

In 2008, Ragina had her first child, and in 2011, her second. Being a full-time mother and tech taught her to be patient and perceptive. When she's not at work, she's volunteering at her daughter's school or snuggled up with her kids watching a Disney movie. She loves her children tons but EVC has been her home away from home since she was a child herself.

Everything she has become in life she owes to EVC and the continued compassion from the support staff she grew up with. She has become a better technician/parent because of the choice she made in the summer of '03 and wouldn't change it for anything.


Technician Assistants



I was born and raised in San Jose. I've loved animals my whole life so I decided to apply at Evergreen in 2007, which happened to be right next to my school, Silver Creek High School. I graduated later that year.

I loved my job, so I pursued an Associate of Science degree in veterinary technology at Carrington College and graduated in 2012. My job involves assisting the doctors and technicians and providing care for the patients. I love knowing that I am making a difference in someone's life by caring for their beloved four-legged friend.

I am married with one son and I also have three dogs. Molly is a 9-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and is my "diva princess." Riley is an 8-year-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi and is a big-time troublemaker. Pumba is a 5-year-old English Coonhound Mix and is my big baby. He was found in a box outside the clinic with his nine siblings and was about 1 week old. I bottle raised him and have had him since. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and watching my son grow.


My name is John Antal, and I have been working as a Veterinary Assistant at Evergreen Veterinary Clinic for over four years.  I was born and raised here in the Bay Area.  Right after graduating from high school I spent eighteen months living with my aunt and uncle, in Avila Beach. While there I worked in a veterinary clinic in San Luis Obispo, working mainly in the boarding kennels with both cats and dogs, as well as assisting in other areas of the clinic. I returned to the Bay Area and went back to school at Foothill College where I earned my Veterinary Assistant Certification.  All my life I’ve had animals and that was a big factor in wanting to work in a veterinary clinic. Coming to Evergreen Veterinary Clinic has been a great experience, and I have learned so much while working here as a Veterinary Assistant. In my job, I help restrain animals and I feed animals that are boarding. I also clean and re-stock medical supplies in all rooms of the clinic.  I do laundry and build the surgical packs. I have received great and helpful feedback from my co-workers about my work ethic which has made my time here very special.

My parents still live locally, and I see them quite often. Our family consists of three Belgian Tervuren Shepherds. Our oldest male Tervuren is Shadow, who is nine years old.  Our female Tervuren is Sky, who is five years old. Our latest Tervuren is a ten-month-old male puppy named Arrow. My mom and dad train and compete with Shadow and Sky in canine agility, with both dogs competing at the master’s level, and even in international competitions with 1000 dogs from 10 countries. I’ve also spent time volunteering at their competitions. Arrow is training in agility and will begin competing next January. We also have two Abyssinian cats. Kona is a thirteen-year-old female, and Casey is a thirteen-year-old male.  They have both taught our dogs not to herd them. We also have an African Grey parrot named Barkley who is eleven years old. He says lots of dog commands although the dogs all ignore him.

In my spare time, I go to my parent’s house to visit our animals.  I especially like to hike our dogs in the open space preserve very near to my parent’s house.  I also like to play tennis and I enjoy watching movies and Bay Area sports teams, and I also enjoy video games.


Nine (part-time receptionist, too)

I was born and raised in Hollister, CA. My love for animals began almost immediately with my mother who taught us to love and respect all critters. In 1979, my mom founded the Nan Pipestem Wildlife Rehabilitation center, and so began my learning experience. I learned how to properly care for some of the wildlife and helped wherever I could. In my late teens, I worked for a horse trainer, riding colts. This was great fun, but was not a career! I was also a nanny for a short time for my horseshoer and it was his wife who encouraged me to apply for a local veterinary clinic. To my surprise, I got the job! It became my career choice for life. I have been in the veterinary field since I was 22 and can't imagine doing anything else!

I came to Evergreen Veterinary Clinic in 2014, with a desire to broaden my skills. They have become my family, and I love them all so much! Being Native American from the Otoe Missouria Tribe, I believe my animal skills are partially derived from my heritage.

I currently have three cats: Pierre, who is too smart for his own good; Annie, my perfect princess; and Cal, my scrounger. All were rescues. I also have my little D dog who is my constant companion. I love that he gets to come to work with me. Additionally, I have a horse, Stoney. He is now an old man and retired, but he is my spirit.

I have been so blessed in my life: every day I get to learn something new and work alongside some amazing people. This is truly my dream career!