Pet Wellness Plans in San Jose

With so many advancements in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer than ever. Yet with increased age, there is increased responsibility as new medical concerns come into play later in life. Pet wellness plans from newborns to seniors can help prolong your pet’s quality of life and give you two more time together. At Evergreen Veterinary Clinic we want to work with you to develop a unique wellness plan tailored to your pet. Call us at (408) 238-0690 to get started today.

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Meeting Every Need at Any Age: Life Stage Care

Just like us, pets age in stages, starting with newborns and ending with geriatric care. During each stage, your pet requires different levels of care to address their changing needs. We work to provide your furry family member with medical care that meets their specific needs.

Starting Off Right with Protection Plans

Newborns are at a very vulnerable stage in their lives and need extra loving care to help them grow up healthy and strong. To give them the best protection for the best cost to you, we offer Puppy Protection and Kitten Protection Packages. These plans include essential elements of their preventive care such as initial vaccinations and parasite prevention all at a reduced cost to you. Bring your new puppy or kitten to us as soon as you can so we can give them an initial examination and talk to you about their preventive care, a timeline for spay or neuter surgery, as well as nutrition and at-home care. The sooner we see them, the sooner we can get them on the right path to wellness!

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Continuing on a Healthful Path

Adult pets are at their most vibrant, playful, and healthful stage. Just because they seem so boisterous and active though, doesn’t mean they no longer need to see us! We encourage yearly exams for every one of your four-legged family members. An annual exam allows us to assess their health, catch any underlying problems early, as well as administer needed vaccines, and perform scheduled diagnostics.

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Maintaining Happiness and Quality of Life

Much like newborns, seniors are more susceptible to disease and injury, as well as developing chronic conditions that can hamper their quality of life. Our Evergreen team wants your pet to be healthy throughout their golden years so they can enjoy every moment with you! To keep them in tip-top shape, we highly recommend seeing them twice a year for a wellness exam. Since health issues can develop quickly in senior pets, we want to be able to catch anything early. It also helps us manage any chronic conditions such as arthritis and address any other developing age-related issues.

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Wellness and Preventive Measures

As you may have noticed from the above section, your pet’s health is hardly one-dimensional: it is multilayered! Each layer requires a special set of care. Typically, wellness care touches on many of these layers, contributing significantly to your pet’s overall health. Preventive care and wellness go hand-in-hand. When your pet receives the proper preventive treatments for their age, species, and medical condition, they benefit from fewer illnesses and longer lives.

Pet wellness plans address the following areas of health:

Each pet is unique, and our veterinarians work to always deliver tailored wellness care to your four-legged family member!

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We’re always happy to share our knowledge with our clients—communication is key to giving your pet the best life with you. So, give us a call at (408) 238-0690 or stop in today to learn more about pet wellness plans at our animal hospital!